Positive Impact

The consumer industry is unsustainable. We will not fill you with papers, single-use plastics, cardboard or packaging unnecessarily. In that way we assume our responsibility with attitudes that contribute to the reduction of our carbon footprint.

A first initiative, for example: we have opted for ecological cardboard boxes.

We have also decided that all the information of the selections of the month (such as styles, tasting notes, maps, etc.) will be part of the content of our Blog and of our communication with partners, thus avoiding the use of paper, transport and becoming possibly in the future in one more residue in nature. The information will be available to print if you wish ... but the decision is yours.
In addition, we decided to partner with the ONG "1% For The Planet" donating 1% of our sales to an institution with global reach that channels its actions in the recovery of the environment.

Another important point is that we have a good eye for producers who sustain their businesses with a responsible stance. For example, those who bet on a less interventionist viticulture, brewers who are careful with the origin of their raw materials, and that they are also rigorous with their suppliers on this issue.

We could cite an infinity of personal attitudes, but all focused on reducing our impact on the environment.

You identify? You are one of us.