Why Bottle Hunters?

Bottle Hunters was born out of a concern. Like any human being, we are eternally searching for something.
In our case, this is how we define ourselves: hunters in an inexhaustible search for everything related to the world of wine and beer.

We are passionate about exploring, getting to know other areas, discovering other flavors, doing things differently ... and of course, share everything we discover.
You will see that we love to take different styles of whatever, depending on the occasion and the moment. In fact, we do not believe in the pre-definition of our tastes, or that this can be summarized in a specific profile ... Surely you do not want to have the same thing with a barbecue in winter than with anchovies in front of the sea in summer.
We are not better or worse. We also don't like comparisons. Therefore, we invite you to share our journey and draw your own conclusions.

Our focus is on artisans, independent and small producers, those who give more value to the raw material than to the process. In the end, they are the ones who put their hearts into everything they do, each with their history, creativity and culture.
We ourselves are independent, as we have chosen this as a way of life ...
To have one more excuse to travel, meet people and have fun.

If you identify with all this ... you are a BOTTLE HUNTER like us.